Range Rules



1) -- The range is for use by "Range Card" holding members only -- No guests allowed unless they are active duty military

2) - You must display (wear) your Range I.D. Card while shooting -- Otherwise you will be asked to leave

3) - Eye and Ear protection is required

4) - The rapid discharge of a firearm will not be tolerated -- firing on target must be at a rate to make aimed, well placed shots -- uncontrolled firing is dangerous, unfair to others using the range, and annoying to our neighbors -- your membership will be revoked without any refund of monies if you violate this rule

5) Only one shooting position (bench) is permitted per member

6) Target frames are not to be used as backers for targets -- do not shoot at them

7) Flat targets made of paper, cardboard or special metal spinners or knockdowns are the only targets allowed -- no human mannequin targets are allowed

8) Targets made of glass or plastic and tin-cans are not allowed

9) The right table/platform is intended for use by handgun shooters with targets placed downrange, not on table -- also, the right 6 benches are for use for the 100 yard range; the left 4 benches are for use of the 200 yard range only -- No cross-firing allowed

10) All targets for 100/200/300 yards must be placed in front of respective berms

11) No targets are to be placed to the left of 100 yard berm in front of pond -- do not shoot into pond as bullets will ricochet dangerously

12) Never point a gun in an unsafe direction and do not load it until you're ready to fire -- all guns should be pointed downrange at all times

13) Never touch the trigger unless you are ready to fire

14) All firearms are to be benched, empty, actions open and not handled while someone is downrange

15) No one is to stand and shoot a firearm forward of the firing line established by the front of the shooting benches

16) Always check downrange to be sure no one is at the 100/200/300 yard berms

17) Each user must clean up the area used after completing firing -- Trash barrels are for burnable items -- Soda and food containers should go home with you -- If you bring it in, take it home!!

18) This is your club -- do not tolerate misconduct by others -- Report unsafe acts or vandalism to any Club officer or Director and punitive action will be pursued

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